Teteria Baraka:

Halal food in Orgiva

Food (halal):

In our kitchen, open during the whole day and specialized in showarma (kebab), we prepare typical arabic dishes (cous-cous, tajin, hummus...) as same as we still prepare some other dishes that we like (spanish omelet, guacamole, gazpacho, natural juices). Most of our products are integral and biological (the water gets purified) and self elaborated. And from May to October we sell our homemade ice creams, milk shakes, lemonades...

Quiet Ambient at Orgiva


As same as in the Alpujarra, people from all conditions meet each other in our local to enjoy our calm ambient, accompanied by ethnical and chill-out music, having the Thursday morning as signed day (market day). It is a good option for people looking for the tranquility of the mountains while they still be able to go down to the town without having to leave their rhythm. We have air conditioning system.

imported food


Complementary we offer in our local an small amount of imported food products (from Morocco, Libanon) like tahini, halawat, spices, moroccan pastery, tea, mecca-cola, harissa, azahar or rose water for sell. We also will clear you any doubt about it right use.

great variety of teas


In our local you will be able to choose from an assorted tea card (moruno, pakistani, rooibos, organic, mate...) that will be served in arabic style and sweetened with fructose or honey from the Alpujarras. To be served with the tea or to take away, you can enjoy our typical arabic homemade pastries with puff paste, dried nuts, honey or our cakes and biscuits.

productos alimenticios de importación


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